F8 Auto Liker v1.0 APK (Latest) Free Download for Android

Hi friends, I am going to share with you the most trusted and amazing auto liker app (F8 Auto Liker) just for you. You can collect a huge number of likes on your Facebook profile or your every post by using this amazing app on your smartphone. A Social Media site (Facebook) is showing more popularity of your personality by a huge number of likes and comments on your every activity or your every post which you are sharing on your profile. If you are getting more likes on your every Facebook activates or your post, then it is well. If you are getting very fewer likes, comments and follower on your Facebook pictures, videos and another your interesting activities, then you need not confused about this issue, because we have provided the best and excellent auto liker (F8 Liker) for this purpose.

It will solve your problem and you can get a huge number of real likes on your facebook status, pictures, videos, pages and your other post which you are sharing with your friends. After downloading and installing this useful APP (F8 Auto Liker APK) on your smartphone, then you will be very happy and satisfied with its amazing and excellent performance because it is trusted and everyone wants to use this great app on their smartphone nowadays. Most people used this app on their smartphone and they have glad after looked its amazing and best working.

By using this useful app on your smartphone, you can get at least 1000 plus likes on your every picture, status, videos and another post. F8 auto liker is an alternative of Apental Calc, FB Auto Liker, and 4G liker. So this is specially developed for the user of an Android smartphone with amazing and best features and here we have listed some key features of this app, just read its cool and useful features before download. 

Features of F8 Auto Liker
  • You can easily gain more likes on your status, videos, pages, photos and much more
  • Get free and 100% real likes without any scam or spam
  • Brings only real and official likes which will never fake
  • Moreover, it assists you to get many Facebook auto followers
  • Free, Safe and easy to use
If you are a Facebook user and want to get free instant likes on your every post, then this is the best way for getting a huge number of likes and comments. So just download it on your smartphone and let it for bringing free likes on your status or post. Make sure that, you have to must change your Facebook followers setting on your account to the public. If you will not change your follower setting to the public on your ID, then the app can’t work properly. So, you need to enable followers to make it get likes and followers. 

App Details:

Developed by: MG Liker
Version: v1.0
Size: 1.1 MB
Require System: all Android OS

F8 Auto Liker v1.0 >> Free Download

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